It's the summer travel season, and a lot of people are hitting the highways for summer road trips.

That's especially true in Wyoming, where winter weather limits the times when you can expect good weather. While every town has bad drivers, certain communities seem to have more than their share.

For example, social media posts from Cheyenne residents often lament what appears to be a lack of basic driving skills.

From running red lights to neglecting the use of turn signals, a lot of folks think a lot of other people in Cheyenne just don't know how to drive.

That perhaps is more noticeable right now, when thousands of visitors to Cheyenne Frontier Days make good driving skills more critical than ever.

But it's not like the rest of the state necessarily gets an "A" for driving skills either.  Casper, Rock Springs, Laramie, Gillette--they all seem to have their share of people with, shall we say "questionable" driving skills.

There are numerous visitors from other states like Colorado and Utah who aren't always sterling examples of safe driving either.

So who do you think are the worst drivers in Wyoming? We'll publish the results of our poll next week!


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