Cheyenne seems to be seeing a fair amount of new businesses opening up shop recently.

From car washes to coffee shops to sports bars, among many others, it does seem like a number of new ventures are opening their doors in the city recently. The stream of announcements recently made us wonder--what kind of new business would you like to see open its doors?

It could be an addition to existing businesses, like another grocery store, perhaps serving a part of town that doesn't have one. Maybe you think the city needs at least one new fine-dining establishment.

Or, perhaps you are hoping Wyoming will legalize weed at some point so that a cannabis shop can open its doors here? Considering the proposals over the years for a rec center, we also included that on our list of possibilities, although strictly speaking, a city-operated rec center is not a private business.

So we compiled a list of some possible new businesses that we have heard mentioned as something that someone might like to see come to town. If you can think of another one to add to our list, let us know!

Or, maybe you are one of those folks who wish they would stop trying to make Cheyenne like Colorado, and you like things just as they are? That is a choice too!

Pick your favorite choice and give us your opinion!

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