With the news of getting Bent LLC and The Railspur Project being awarded the lone package liquor license available, several other businesses were left out, with some not having a bar and grill or brewery license to fall back on. Unfortunately for the Old Cheyenne Elevator project on Cheyenne's West Edge, they've had to essentially stop all progress on development for the Cheyenne landmark.

In a post on their Facebook page this week, they mentioned that they "will not be moving forward to develop the grain elevator at this time". You can see the whole post here.

They did go on to congratulate the Railspur project, which was also reliant on getting the liquor license, and they point out how development overall in the West Edge is moving regardless of their own progress.

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There are a couple of glaring issues that come from the disappointment with the halting of the Cheyenne Elevator project. The main one is the lack of liquor licenses available in Cheyenne and Wyoming in general. The law is antiquated and needs to be revised if we truly want free enterprise and to truly be a business-friendly state. We're losing out on new development over a 100-year-old law.

Fortunately, we're not the only ones that think that, as well. The Cheyenne City Council is considering a liquor license resolution, which you can read the full details from Doug Randall here.

Here's to hoping we can get a resolution from the state so projects as awesome as the Cheyenne Elevator project can come to fruition.

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