I've got a good one for you. The National Weather Service has just declared that our Wyoming winter is likely to be warmer this year. I'll wait until you're able to control your laughter.

I'm serious. The NWS in Riverton shared this hopeful graphic about the winter forecast on Facebook.

NWS Riverton, Facebook
NWS Riverton, Facebook

In this case, it's good to be under the orange part of their map. If I'm reading this right, it appears that our part of Wyoming is 33 to 50% more likely to have above average temperatures this winter.

This is interesting coming from the National Weather Service after The Farmer's Almanac predicted we'd see a polar roller coaster of winter storms.

In this case, I'm siding with our very good friends at the National Weather Service as I prefer their forecast better. We'll see how that works out over the next few months.

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