A bill is being considered today by the Wyoming House of Representatives that will ban all use of handheld electronic devices while driving.

The current state law makes it illegal to read, write, or send text communications while in the process of driving. However, it is currently legal to make phone calls with a handheld device while driving.

The new proposed bill, House Bill 0211, would make all use of any handheld electronic device for any purpose while driving, illegal. The only exception to the proposed bill would be using a handheld electronic device in an emergency situation. Using voice operated, hands free technology to make or receive person-to-person calls or sending and receiving text messages would also continue to be legal.

Representatives Blackburn, Pownall and Washut are sponsoring the bill.

At this point, you might think it seems common sense for anyone to not use a handheld device at all while driving. But it's usually an everyday occurrence that you can visibly see someone using their phone while in traffic, and not using hands free technology to do so. Perhaps a further legal restriction can only make things safer for everyone on the roads, should the bill pass.

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