Wyoming's Ian Munsick was set to play a show in O'Neill, NE this past Saturday (July 16th). Unfortunately, Mother Nature had some other ideas in mind. Although horrendous weather can typically be an awful deterrent to any outdoor concert, this particular community came together in Nebraska to help Ian Munsick and his crew to make sure that 'the show must go on'.

After enduring over two inches of rain while winds over 50 miles per hour ripped through the town of O'Neill, the site for the pending concert had been damaged badly. This included the sound stage, lights, as well as video and audio equipment. Despite being covered over the top, the mixture of rain and wind made for rain that flew in sideways (as 'Forrest Gump' would say). This made for inoperable equipment that was also unsafe.

Port-a-potties at the site had also been blown by the high winds into the parking lot. Not only did they have a damaged stage and sound equipment, but also bathrooms were all out of place as of 3 p.m. that afternoon. To compound things that much more, Munsick's bus had issues that morning.

Despite all the problems that were needed to be dealt with, that's when the community came together to make things happen. Some calls were made to get help for each matter at hand. Chase Ott was able to meet Munsick and his crew near Pilger, NE, which is a little over an hour and 30 minutes from O'Neill. From there, they hauled Munsick and his band's equipment trailer back to O'Neill.

Meanwhile, back at the concert site, local residents Joel & Brandon Pruden, along with Kelly Kerkman came up with ideas on how to round up some quality sound equipment to be used for a performance. They also received the help of Roger Miller and O'Neill Electric to get sufficient power for a show. A makeshift stage of flatbeds was setup by Bryan Hoefer and Pat Cole for a performance as well.

When all was said and done, Ian Munsick and his band were in O'Neill, ready to perform for a solid crowd that was ready for a party!

While Wyoming is quite familiar with what Ian Munsick brings every time out for a performance, it's awesome to see what a community will go through to make sure they experience his awesomeness first hand. And we get to see again this coming Sunday (July 24th) when he opens up for Parker McCollum at Cheyenne Frontier Days!

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