It has been nearly three weeks since a Wyoming native went missing without a trace, and searchers say they still have no leads.

Kyle Ryan Burton, 18, of Lovell, went missing Nov. 29 in the Logan, Utah area. He was believed to have been on foot and without a coat or a phone.

"Law enforcement has kind of pulled away, because there's no leads for them to find any direction on where to go," Kyle's father, Gerry Burton, told K2 Radio News.

Kyle Burton had been staying with his grandmother, Gerry's mother, and was considering enrolling at a local technical school, as well as getting a job at a nearby ski resort.

It's believed that Kyle Burton was last at his grandmother's house on the morning of Nov. 29. Gerry Burton says Kyle was heard in the shower as the grandmother took her husband to a medical appointment. When she returned, Kyle was gone.

He has not been heard from since.

The Cache County, Utah Sheriff's Office used a helicopter to search areas on Friday, Dec. 1. A ground search was commenced the following morning, but was unsuccessful.

Authorities have scaled back search efforts, pending the discovery of new information or evidence.

But volunteers continued to search nearby areas where Kyle may have hiked. On Dec. 9 and 10, volunteers used snowmobiles; on Dec. 13, they searched in the area of a nearby river.

"He would leave usually for the day and wander around town looking for work, or he'd go on hikes up in the mountains, and he never returned home," Gerry Burton said.

"We're going to keep searching," Burton continued. "We have no idea if he just left the area, but it's not likely for him to do that."

Individual volunteer searches continue.

Burton is described as a white male standing 5'10" tall and weighing 210 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Burton also has a surgery scar on his left knee.

He is described as shy and quiet, but friendly.

Anyone with information on Burton's whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Brian Groves with the Cache County Sheriff's Office at 435-755-1000.

"In case he hears it, we're looking for him and we'd like him to come home. That's really what we need," Gerry Burton said.

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