First, the good news: the winds have slowed just a bit and changed directions a little. There was a drop in air temperature, an increase in humidity, and even some light rain and snow on the area.

What this means is that the fire is still growing, but no where near as fast as it had been.

The Mullen fire has arrived at the base of Sheep Mountain. Serious efforts will begin Monday to try to halt the fires from taking hold there.

Another high priority is to keep the fire from getting to Woods Landing. The leading edge slowed just to the west of Woods Landing when it crossed a previously burned area. Still, the fire managed to cross WY 230 and is closing in on Woods Landing and Jelm.

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The web based report and map shows the overwhelming size and shape of the fire.

Even though the fire has mostly been moving east, "all bets were off" when the winds reached 70mph, causing the fires to the move west, over the Platt River, according to Chris Zoller, Operations Section Chief.

According to the Incident report, recourses have been stretched thin and the team has been overwhelmed. But the breaks that came this weekend might give the team a change to achieve more than 2% containment.

More than 450 people are working the fire as of Sunday.

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