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Last month the Laramie Police Department participated in their first ever Movember. Movember is a global movement to promote men’s health and awareness especially for prostate cancer. LPD Sgt. Ryan Thompson formed the team which was named “We Found Your ‘Stache.” LPD’s “We Found Your ‘Stache” was able to raise $2,997.

“We Found Your ‘Stache” consisted of not only Laramie Police officers but also members from across the country. The were able to stay connected as a team through social media’s such as Facebook, the Movember website and Twitter. The $2,997 raised was far better than what the team had hope to raise.

Movember had its start in Melbourne Australia and has grown into a global movement with more than 1.1 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. Movember campaigns have taken place in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, Finland, The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Ireland and the US. Support has also been shown from Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai.

For more on the Global Movember Campaign click here!

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