Every state has at least a few towns with names only the locals know how to pronounce. We’ve all seen them on the map or even been through them. Sure, the locals will tease you when you mispronounce their town name, but how are you supposed to know some of these names!?

We decided to have a little fun with some coworkers from Texas to see how they pronounce some of Wyoming’s most difficult town names.

We identified nine Wyoming towns that we thought they may find challenging, and the results are hilarious!

Based on how our Texas friends pronounced these names, we have created our list of the most difficult town names to pronounce in the Equality State.

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    This town in Lincoln County, Wyo. even gives some locals a challenge!

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    This town in Hot Springs County, Wyo. looks much more challenging to pronounce than it really is. Those from the area often simply just call it Thermop!

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    Dubois, located it Fremont County, Wyo. can be a challenge for those who know how to pronounce French words.

    Folks in Wyoming just pronounce it exactly how it looks.

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    A small town in Park County, Wyo., this one looks like it should be a whopper of a word!

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    Wham!-sutter... That's not how you pronounce it. Let's face it, though, it's more fun to say it that way.

    This town is in Sweetwater County, Wyo. and is located just off Interstate 80.

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    This Fremont County, Wyo. town is one that often gets mispronounced. Don't over-complicate it.

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    Lovell is located in Big Horn County, Wyo. and can give people a bit of a headache when they try to read the name. It's one of those names that shouldn't be hard. Yet, somehow, it is.

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    Buford is a very small town in Albany County, Wyo. located between the cities of Laramie and Cheyenne along Interstate 80. It always seems people try to put an extra 'f' in the middle of the word.

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    This town located in Lincoln County, Wyo. can be a challenge for people too. People often try to end the name with an 'ee' sound.

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