This is bad news for couples, but great news for lawyers. There's a new list of Wyoming cities with the highest divorce rates and Mills, Glenrock and Bar Nunn are on it.

You can thank Roadsnacks for this little slice of Love, American Style (the Wyoming version). They list the 10 Wyoming cities with the highest divorce rates. Here are some local highlights (or low lights in this case):

  • #2 Mills
  • #4 Glenrock
  • #5 Bar Nunn

Don't laugh, Casper. You're on the list, too, but all the way down at #10.

How did Roadsnacks determine this infamous ranking? They looked through the marital status of those listed in the 2014-2018 American Community Survey and then calculated number of divorced. Gotta love internet science.

The shocking percentages they listed showed 10% of those in Mills and Glenrock had been divorced while 9% of Bar Nunn folks were Splits-ville. Casper was shown as 6% being divorced.

This reminds me of a certain Tammy Wynette song that goes like this.

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