New regulations place on power plants by the Environmental Protection Agency have been a hot topic in Wyoming news lately. Officials say these new regulations could increase energy costs, cut jobs and hurt Wyoming’s economy.

We spoke with Mike Duncan, President and CEO of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity and former chairman of the Republican National Committee, to discuss new EPA regulations on power plants and how they affect Wyoming families.

Here are some of the things discussed and where you can find them in the video:

  • Why coal based energy is important to Wyoming (:25)
  • What these new regulations are (1:03)
  • How the new regulations may increase energy costs (1:35)
  • How jobs may be affected (2:23)
  • How you can reduce your costs (2:52)
  • When you may see these increased costs (4:24)
  • Why we use coal based electricity rather than another form of energy (5:30)
  • How these regulations come about (7:30)

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