A new report by the nonpartisan group Families USA shows states that have expanded Medicaid coverage are doing better financially and have fewer uninsured workers than non-expansion states.

With Wyoming facing an estimated $617 million budget shortfall, many in the Cowboy State are hoping the Legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) reconsiders expanding Medicaid.

The JAC voted 7 to 5 to reject Governor Matt Mead's budget request for Medicaid expansion last month.

Bri Jones with the Equality State Policy Center says the expansion would bring an estimated $268 million to the state.

"Not only does it save state dollars immediately - $31 million to the Department of Health budget alone - it's also a revenue generator and an economic driver," said Jones.

Jones says more than 20,000 low-income residents would be covered if Wyoming opts to expand Medicaid.

"Wyoming's working families are the ones that would benefit," said Jones. "People working in construction, our farms and ranch hands, people working in the service industry - they all work hard, but are unable to afford insurance."