Denver residents who want McDonald's munchies won't have to physically go to the brick & mortar golden arches, thanks to UberEATS.

Uber is teamed with 97 metro Denver McDonald's to deliver.

A local owner/operator pointed out, "a new level of convenience." A Wyomingite's translation might be, "Yes, convenience and/or laziness. We all know there are plenty of pot-smokin'-munchie-cravers in Denver, so why shouldn't they take advantage of that. Besides, how could a stoner be asked to drive to a McDonald's high?"

Here's how it will work in Denver. The Mile Highs just place a McDonald's order on the UberEATS mobile app or It uses the same account as for ordering rides and tracks the order's arrival.

The full menu is available for delivery from participating McDonald's excepting only soft serve cones. Yes, we can understand why they might not want to do that. Of course, UberEATS fees applies.

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