A man charged with possession of a controlled substance was sentenced to probation Monday in Albany County District Court.

Anthony Bullock, 28, was sentenced to two years of unsupervised probation and the court will require him to seek treatment, as part of a plea deal.  Bullock will be allowed to return to Colorado to serve his probation and seek treatment. Bullock pleaded guilty in January, in exchange for the state recommending that he be given first-offender treatment.

Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken said the court will withhold adjudication and require Bullock to seek treatment, with the charges being dismissed if he successfully completes it.

Bullock was arrested on June 29 after an Albany County Sheriff’s deputy pulled him over on Hwy 287 near Laramie for traveling 82 mph in a 65 mph posted area.

The deputy arrested Bullock and searched his car and found multiple items, including a one ounce bottle of THC oil, a marijuana dispensary canister containing suspect marijuana and two glass pipes with suspect marijuana residue present, according to court documents.

During the arraignment, prosecutor Kurt Britzius said Bullock qualified for first offender treatment. Britzius said Bullock was working two jobs and is doing well financially and has a young daughter.

Britzius said that the amount of controlled substances found in his car were a ‘user amount’ and Bullock did not intend to sell or distribute them. Britzius said it appeared that Bullock made a mistake and forgot he was in Wyoming, rather than home in Colorado.

“He is appropriate to be given a second chance,” Britzius said.

Bullock said in court that he uses Cannabidiol, or CBD oil, to help with his many back issues after he was in a car accident that broke his back in five different places.

Kricken said there was ‘no reason’ the court wouldn’t accept the plea agreement. Kricken said Bullock was very cooperative at every point in the process.

“You never once tried to foist this off on anyone and that means a lot,” Kricken said.


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