A man was bitten by a very large Golden Retriever-like dog at the dog park in Optimist Park in Laramie on August 21.

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The victim reported that his black Shephard and the Golden Retriever-type dog got into a fight and that he was bitten when separating them.

The man and woman with the Golden Retriever-type dog also had another dog with them.

The male was described as in his late 40’s to mid-’50s, mostly bald, 6’ – 6’3” tall, wearing a grey tank top, jeans, and having tattoos across his shoulders and neck area.

The female was described as approximately the same age, shoulder-length blonde hair, 5’5” – 5’7” tall, wearing a blue blouse, and jeans.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this dog or the owner is asked to call the Animal Control Unit at (307) 721-5385 or the non-emergency Dispatch line at (307) 721-2526. Reference case 21-14275.

The Animal Control Unit would like to remind everyone that animal bites could involve exposure to rabies and that all animal bites must be reported immediately. Locating the dog in question is important for rabies monitoring and vaccination verification purposes.

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