Full disclosure - I love autumn. Summer is not my thing. Hot weather? Gross. Sweater weather? Yes, please! So yes, I'm super excited that we're smack-dab in the middle of fall here in Wyoming.

But did it seem like autumn took forever to get here? September arrived, and we were still seeing 90-degree days. I swear, it really wasn't until a week or two ago that it began to feel like fall was on its way to Wyoming.

Thankfully, October has rolled into town, complete with falling leaves, Jack O'Lanterns, and Pumpkin Spice flavored everything. And, across the Cowboy State, autumn is making its presence known with crisp weather, changing leaves, and the sound of elk bugles on misty mornings.

It's true; there's nothing quite like autumn in Wyoming! Our state features some of the most unique Fall scenery in the country, from rolling prairies to dazzling forests of amber and gold leaves. So it's no wonder that Wyoming residents have a lot of reasons to love autumn - but it's not just the leaves we love here.

Top Things Locals Love About Fall in Wyoming

So what do Wyoming residents love about living in the Cowboy State during autumn? As it turns out, there's a wide variety of things. Check out some of the most popular things locals said they loved about autumn in Wyoming (#14 is probably the funniest!) By the end of the list, you'll be "falling" in love with Wyoming fall.

10+ Reasons to 'Fall' in Love with Autumn in Wyoming

There's something marvelous about autumn in Wyoming, from spectacular natural beauty to exciting cultural events. Here are 15+ reasons why locals and visitors love autumn in Wyoming!

So, what do you think? Did we miss any awesome parts of fall in Wyoming? Share them in the app if we did - we'd love to hear it!

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