Wyoming is filled with beauty, wonder, and a lot of things along the way that you wouldn't expect. It ranges from hidden features to hidden treasures and it's one of my favorite parts about the state. It's built different here. Wyoming isn't like other states filled with towns, cornfields, and more towns.

A TikTok account decided to make a form of time-lapse to feature all the things between the Devil's Tower and Big Horn Mountains and if you blink you'll miss all, the features they cram in there. It's really impressive how they got all that in, but it's more impressive how much stuff is between the two locations.

Here, you can check the video out for yourself.

Not only does it appear to be filled with small towns and features of the "urban areas", but you see plenty of wildlife between the two areas. I've rewatched the video, probably close to ten times to make sure I caught everything and I don't think I did. There's that much inside of what the creator did for this particular video.

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The video itself could almost be a great tourism video to show people when you want to attract tourists to the areas. It spans a lot of areas in Wyoming and shows just a taste of what you can expect across the area. All this does is really just make me excited for the camping and hiking season that's coming up. Just need to get through this short month of February and we'll be well on our way.

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