Completely by accident, I came across an article about "Picasso" a famous Wild Mustang from a Wild Horse Herd in Colorado's Sand Wash Basin.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Wilson

"Picasso" is rumored to be around 30 years old and is the king of wild Mustangs...or at least that's what his fans think.

Looking at these stunning pictures, you can see why he had enamored so many people.

He's absolutely beautiful.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Wilson

Being the nosey person I am, I decided to learn a bit more about the photographer behind these images.

Scott Wilson is originally from Scotland and moved his family to Denver, Colorado to pursue a career in landscape photography.

A Cancer diagnosis forced him to stay out of the sun during treatment and so Wilson began to photograph animals from inside his vehicle. This twist of fate allowed him to add "Wildlife Photographer" to his resume.

In April of 2019, Wilson traveled to Colorado's Sand Wash Basin with the intention of captruing some of its famous wild horses on his camera. Just as he was leaving, a beautiful Pinto came into view. It was followed by another horse and suddenly the two studs began to fight over a mare.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Wilson

Wilson mentioned that it was actually quite an intimidating experience. He said that the thud of the hooves made the hair on his arms stand on edge.

Wilson didn't even know that the horse he had photographed was famous until after the fact.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Wilson


Wilson mentioned that there were other dangers besides the horses themselves in the Sand Wash Basin. He encouraged others thinking about traveling to the area to have well equipped 4 wheel drive vehicles and be prepared for emergencies with a first aid kit, extra clothing, food, and water.

There is currently a print of "Picasso" in the Robert Anderson Gallery located in Denver, Colorado.

You can stay up to date with Wilson's new work by following him on Instagram @WilsonAxpe

You can listen to our full interview with him below.