It's always great when you see a local company thrive, and then have enough confidence and support to open another location. It's a testament to their products and services that there is a need for growth. Cheyenne is also a great city for growth of great businesses.

Recently, The Crooked Cup stretched their legs and expanded their coverage of great coffee in Cheyenne by opening a second location in Cheyenne. Their new location is 310 West 19th Street. If that address is familiar to you, go pay for your parking ticket. It's in the atrium of the County Building and Court House in Cheyenne.

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Here's a look at their new digs from The Crooked Cup's Facebook page and Cheyenne Connections.

How great would this have been when they did early voting in the Presidential Election a couple of years back? You could have grabbed some great coffee while you waited in line to cast your votes.

It's also a perfect location for those that work in the building or people that come and go from the building. It's actually a great location for us at Townsquare Media since they're kind of our neighbors now, being across the street.

Honestly, it's a win-win for everyone in Cheyenne. You never know when a great cup of coffee is going to turn your day around. Sometimes if you're going into one of those two buildings, you may need a pick me up from whatever you're dealing with.

Good luck, Crooked Cup! Let's all hope they thrive in their new location.

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