Organizations in Laramie and Cheyenne say the Food Bank of Wyoming has notified them that it won't be offering its Emergency Food Assistance Program [TEFAP] monthly food distribution to organizations across the state that help people deal with food shortages.

Laramie Interfaith out a news release that includes the following:

Laramie Interfaith will be unable to offer its monthly distribution from the Food Bank of Wyoming this July. Due to supply chain issues and food cost increases, the Food Bank of Wyoming is unable to secure the purchase of food for July through The Temporary FoodAssistance Program (TEFAP).

The amount of TEFAP food available always varies each year based on food production and costs. The current decrease of availability for 2022 comes after COVID-relief and other program funds had previously increased the supply nationwide. Compared to 2021, Wyoming is experiencing a 52 percent decline in TEFAP availability, including no availability for July. The Food Bank hopes to have TEFAP food to offer in August but is not yet guaranteed to.

“TEFAP represents a huge subsidy to our clients and families, but also to our work,” said Josh Watanabe, Laramie Interfaith Executive Director. “Without this addition to our work, our pantry is strained by the increased demand from our most at-risk households who rely on TEFAP.''

On Wednesday morning, we spoke with Taylor Albert, Executive Director of Needs Inc. in Cheyenne:


Both Needs Inc. and Laramie Interfaith are encouraging people to make donations on Wyogives Day on July 13.

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