A 46-year-old Colorado man is facing a long list of charges, including attempted murder and felony menacing in connection with an Oct. 8 incident in Wellington.

That's according to a post on the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. According to the post, the incident began a little before 3:30 p.m. on October 8 when a man called the Larimer County 911 and told them he had killed a woman and a child.

When deputies got to the address on Woodlake Lane in Wellington they found that the woman and child were in fact alive and were outside the home.

The woman told the deputies that the man had pointed a gun at her as he talked to 911 dispatchers, then pointed the gun at the three-year-old child. The woman told dispatchers that she ran away with the child, hearing a gunshot as they fled. Neither the woman nor the child was hit.

Deputies soon surrounded the home, and the man was subdued with multiple taser deployment when he came outside. He was identified as 46-year-old Zak Marshlin Bears of Nunn.

He was originally charged with two counts of Menacing –Aggravated Assault – Weapon (F5) and Domestic Violence Enhancement allegations. But according to the post:

''Additional allegations have been added for Zerk Marshlin Bears (06/10/1976). The current allegations are:
• Menacing - Intimidation - Family - Weapon CRS 18-3-206(1)(a) (Felony 5) (two counts)
• Domestic Violence CRS 18-6-801 (Enhancement) (two counts)
• Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree - Deliberation with Intent - Gun CRS 18-3-102(1)(a) (Felony 2)
• Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree - Extreme Indifference CRS 18-3-102(1)(d) (Felony 2)
Bears is being held in the Larimer County Jail on $150,000 bond."

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