Four Laramie businesses are helping give the public a chance to show their appreciation for local peace officers by participating in the Law Enforcement Appreciation Campaign.

The program began Aug. 15 and will run through Sept. 2, capped off by a special presentation to law officers at the Cowboy Kickoff Concert featuring multi-platinum country star Kip Moore.

People can sign any of four 'thank you' banners -- one each for the Laramie Police Department, the Albany County Sheriff's Office, the University of Wyoming Police Department and the Wyoming Highway Patrol -- on display at the four businesses. Each banner includes a 'thank you' message for a specific agency.

The banner for the UWPD is located only at the 17th Street Cafe, while the banners for each of the other three agencies will be available at ANB Bank, Fresh Flower Fantasy, and the Feed Store.

"Officers see it all; people in need, people and businesses being harmed, criminal acts and corruption. And through this, they have to remain calm, be brave and helpful to everyone in the community," says Rebecca Miller, community bank president of ANB's Laramie Banking Center.

"We are honored to be a part of this recognition to our officers and the contributions and commitment they make to Laramie each and every day," Miller adds.

"Some people have come and just put their signatures on it; other people have written something meaningful to them or something that maybe touched them or a special way they felt about the law enforcement officers in our community," says Terri Colling.

"Let's let these men and women in our community that wear the blue know that we appreciate them in light of everything that's going on in the nation," says Colling.

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