(courtesy of Garrett Adams)
Winter weather has arrived and what better to do on your free time then spend some quality outdoor time sledding! Laramie is well known for having long winters and just outside of Laramie the Snowy Range offers some of the best terrain for winter sports. For many, snow means staying indoors, making some hot chocolate, and cozying up in a mound of blankets to watch the latest movies but for those who get the outdoor itch and are looking for something to do then try some of these fun spots to go sledding! Sledding is a simple and easy activity that is sure to get your blood flowing and put a smile on your frozen face. As a tried and true Laramieite I have had first hand experience with almost every snow covered hill in and around Laramie and trust me there are some fun spots! Call up your friends, pack some hot chocolate and conquer those sledding hills!
(courtesy of Adam Porter)

Happy Jack Sledding Hill

If you have lived in Laramie while snow is on the ground then you have more than likely heard of the Happy Jack Sledding Hill. Happy Jack is less than 15 minutes away from Laramie and caters to a wide variety of winter and summer time activities. The sledding hill is one of those winter time activities that you and all your friends are sure to enjoy! There are two different runs that die hard sledders can conquer. The first is a more open and less aggressive run that might be more suitable for the younger ones or those looking for enjoyment over adrenaline. The second has a steeper decline, is not as open as the first run and is suitable for those looking to go faster. Growing up in Laramie, some of my oldest winter memories are those of the Happy Jack sledding hill. After being fully winterized and prepped by my parents we would head off for an afternoon of pure enjoyment.
(courtesy of Garrett Adams)

The Chang Mansion Hill

The iconic Chang mansion is located atop one of the highest points in Laramie Just blocks off of Reynolds Street. The hill on which the mansion sits is perfect for sledding enthusiasts! In the winter sledding tracks are visible on the hill for months! The easy location also makes for a quick afternoon of sledding with your friends or children! When you reach to top of the hill the scenery is also pretty amazing, add in an early sunset to your sledding adventures and you will be sure to head home happy.
(courtesy of Garrett Adams)

W Hill

For some W Hill and the Chang Mansion Hill might be considered one in the same since they are located quite close to each other, but for now we will count them as two different locations. W Hill, or the sledding location I'm referring to is located just behind Indian Paintbrush Elementary School. The hill isn't as steep and challenging as some hills but offers yet another easily accessible sledding location. The fun thing about W Hill is that across it lies various terrains from gradual and enjoyable to steep and daring! The only down side to W Hill is that if there isn't a lot of snow then there isn't a lot of fun to go along with it. The hill does get a lot of sun and tends to melt faster then other areas, so my advice is get out early while the snow is deep and fresh!
(courtesy of Garrett Adams)

Snowy Range Area

The Snowy Range offers tons and tons of different areas to enjoy an afternoon of sledding, hence the reason it is 4th on the list, there are just to many spots to mention. When it come to the Snowy Range, the snow is unbeatable. If there is an open spot where you think would be beneficial for sledding chances are you're right. If your deciding on making the trip up to the Snowies then make sure to go prepared! The higher elevation means colder temperatures and deeper snow. Along with that comes the usual hazards of any mountain during winter. So be careful, pack all of the necessary gear and always remember to bring some drinks and food.