A Laramie woman charged with child abuse will avoid jail time if she successfully completes supervised probation.

Kaylean Bunn was sentenced to three years of supervised probation with an underlying sentence of five to seven years in prison in Albany County District Court today. If Bunn violates the terms of her probation, her probation will be revoked and she will serve the time in prison.

Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken said she agreed with prosecutor Ava Bell that despite the horrific nature of the crime, Bunn was a good candidate for supervised probation, as she had basically no criminal history and her efforts to maintain employment and also attend counseling. Kricken also said the children are safe in this situation, as they are not in Bunn's custody and are living with relatives.

Kricken also ordered Bunn to complete 100 hours of community service and to continue cognitive thinking and anger management counseling.

A Laramie Police officer began an investigation into Bunn in December after receiving a report of child abuse.

The officer responded to a report that a student at Slade Elementary School who had visible marks on his head and neck.

The officer interviewed Bunn, whose stories about where the child’s injuries came from were inconsistent, initially claiming the child had been at his great-grandparents home in Colorado at the time the injuries were incurred.

Bunn eventually admitted that she had lied about the child’s whereabouts, according to court documents.

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