With warm weather and the end of school, more children will be outside enjoying the weather. Please pay more attention to your surroundings to keep them safe. Here are a few tips:

• Drive slower and more cautiously in residential neighborhoods. Kids will be outside playing and could inadvertently run into the street to chase their ball or another friend. Driving slower will allow you to stop faster and prevent a child from being hit or causing a crash.
• Parks will see more guests as the temperature rises. Keep this in mind for the same reasons as slowing down in residential areas.
• Pay attention to bicyclists as they could be riding with a small child and they are much harder to see than an adult.
• If you see a child by themselves, look around for an adult. There is a chance they could have run off or lost their parents. It never hurts to call the police if you believe a child is lost.
• Watch for suspicious activity. Every year calls come in about someone parked in front of a park watching children. If this happens, get a description of the suspect and their vehicle and keep a good account of what happened if the officer needs to speak with you.