The Laramie Public Art Coalition is looking for a new director.

After four years directing the efforts of the Laramie Public Art Coalition, Meg Thompson Stanton is transitioning to new opportunities.

The Laramie Public Art Coalition says their mission is to enhance the unique visual and cultural vibrancy of Laramie and Albany County, in a manner that encourages participation and engagement from citizens and visitors.

The coalition does not select art, but exists to facilitate those who want to engage in a public art project.

Some of the responsibilities asked of the director include conceptualizing and implementing public art projects, developing educational programs and professional development workshops for artists, and leading the development and implementation of the public artwork plan.

In 2014, Stanton, working with public art consultants Jennifer McGregor and Renee Piechocki, lead a consortium of community partners in the utilization of an Our Town grant through the National Endowment for the Arts for the purpose of creating the Public Art Plan for Laramie. The plan was developed and feedback and was adopted by the City of Laramie in September 2015.

The coalition says they believe public art is not just about paintings on a wall, but "about bringing art to every aspect of the community, giving community members a voice in their public space, respecting artists and the profession, and working together with artists to create cultural experiences that reflect the vibrancy and richness of our great community."

Those interested in applying for the position of Public Art Director for the Laramie Public Art Coalition can visit for a job description. Applications are due Feb. 5th by 5 p.m.

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