A woman was attacked on the 2100 Block of Binford last week. The attack is similar to another attack on a woman three days later. Police say they may or may not be related. (Photo: Trevor T. Trujillo, Townsquare Media)

Police are saying that two separate attacks on on women in Laramie share close similarities but investigators say they may also be unrelated.

According to a Laramie P.D. press release two women were attacked, in separate incidents, within the course of three days.  Police say that the first attack was an adult woman walking a dog in the area of 2100 block of Binford St. on October 16th, 2012 at approximately 9:00 PM. The suspect shoved the female from behind and tried to hold her down on the ground. The victim resisted by striking the suspect and her dog attacked the suspect as well. Following that, police say that the suspect fled.

The suspect in this incident is described as a white male, approximately 6 foot tall, black hoodie with the hood up, and black athletic pants. He was last seen on foot running toward Campus Habitat on Binford St.

The second attack was of an adult woman walking a dog in the area of the 2900 block of


The 2900 block of Garfield was the scene of the second attack. (Photo: Trevor T. Trujillo

Garfield on October 19th, 2012 at approximately 9:00 PM. The suspect pulled up in a low riding car and stopped next to her. A male got out of the car and grabbed the female by the arm and told her to get in the car. She struck him in the head with her fist and with a dog leash. He struck her in the face when she resisted. He fled the area in his car after the resistance of the victim and a car that turned the corner toward their location.

The suspect in this attack is described as approximately 5 foot 7 inches, and possibly a Hispanic male. He was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up. No further description

The vehicle in this second case was silver in color and was riding very low. It had no plate light visible from the back.

Though they may be unrelated, The Laramie Police Department recommends walking with friends and having cell phones available to call for help quickly. Take additional precautions while walking alone.

If anyone has any information on these crimes, please call 721-2526 with any information and it will be referred to the appropriate officers. The investigation is continuing.

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