A group of local residents have been holding peaceful demonstrations in Laramie since the beginning of June in honor of George Floyd.

Throughout these protests, the Laramie Police Department has been there to oversee the events and to help keep the peace. Each time some new change happened at these events, the police department would update the public with a new press release, and let them know of any rules or laws which must be followed at these events.

The Laramie Police Department had sent out a press release yesterday regarding the incidents with protesters going into the streets and blocking traffic, as well as recapping previous conflicts in the past.

The first occurrence of this was on June 7, where demonstrators spilled onto Grand Ave, at times blocking part of or all of the roadway. The police department also had responded to several conflicts on June 10 where there were verbal confrontations and some criminal activity. Laramie PD addressed these issues on the scene.

The most recent occurrence was on June 24, when about 70 demonstrators completely blocked Grand Ave and sat in the intersection for 3rd and Grand for approximately 10 minutes. Dispatch received a number of complaints from residents who could not travel legally in the roadway.

In response to this, Laramie Police Department stated the following in their press release, which is posted on their Facebook page:

"Beginning today, demonstrators are placed on notice that if they enter the roadway illegally, either to walk or to sit, they will be subject to citations for violation of Laramie Municipal Code. The police will announce this at the area of 1st & Grand at 5:00 if demonstrators congregate. Warnings will initially be provided if people illegally enter the roadway and if they do not comply with that legal direction, they will be issued citations. If they fail to provide police with their names, they may face additional charges."

The Laramie Police Department also stated that the safety of everyone in the community was their top priority and that those demonstrators who enter the roadway jeopardize that safety.

The Laramie Police Department vigorously supports all citizen’s rights to peacefully demonstrate any cause. They reminded the residents of Laramie that demonstrations that have not gone through a permitting process must be held entirely on sidewalks or private property whose owners have allowed them to gather.

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