The Laramie Police Department is investigating a dog bite that occurred on August 19th, on the 800 block of 3rd Street.

According to L.P.D. officials, the victim was bitten at approximately 10:00 AM Monday morning, when he attempted to pet a dog that had been tied up outside the 818 S. 3rd Street Loaf n Jug convenience store.

The man then claims to have gone inside, after being bitten, to clean his injuries in the bathroom.  When he came back outside, the dog was gone.

The dog is described as an overweight rottweiler.

"It is that time of year again where we have increased our population of both humans and dogs," says Laramie Police spokesperson Cmdr. Mitchell Cushman. "There is still quite a few nice days that are left where citizens may have contact with dogs in many public places. Some dogs will be in the presence of their masters, others may be loose and uncontrolled; either controlled or uncontrolled could result in a bite. Different breeds have different strengths and are capable of biting under different circumstances."

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the rottweiler or its owner are asked to call the Animal Control Unit at 721-5385 or the non-emergency dispatch line at 721-2526.

The Animal Control Unit reminds Laramie residents that animal bites could involve exposure to rabies and that all animal bites must be reported immediately.  Should you find yourself the victim of an animal bite, try to identify the specific animal and owner.  A cellphone picture is encouraged.

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