A Laramie man arrested earlier this week is now facing a felony charge.

According to a press release from the Laramie Police Department, 26-year-old Michael James Brown was taken into custody early Monday morning.  He is charged with felony interference with a peace officer, and at least one other crime.

Laramie police responded to the 1600 block of North Cedar at 12:44 a.m. Monday for a report of people arguing loudly.  Police did not specify whether the alleged altercation took place in a residence or outside.

Officers arrived and allegedly found Brown arguing with a female.  Lieutenant Gwen Smith says that Brown was arrested on an unrelated, unspecified charge.

“After he was placed in custody on the unrelated charge, he assaulted one of the arresting officers,” says Smith.  “As a result of that he is being charged with felony interference with a peace officer.”

Brown has not yet made his first court appearance.  No court documents detailing the events leading to his arrest or the crimes charged against him were available from Albany County Circuit Court on Wednesday.