Laramie High School will be hosting a very special Spring Sports Senior Recognition Night on Friday at Deti Stadium.

The celebration starts at 6 p.m. and will feature the seniors in boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, plus boys’ and girls’ track and field. They will be spread out and socially distanced around the track at Deti Stadium. There are between 30-40 seniors in the springs sports at LHS this year.

To honor the seniors, the public can participate in a drive-through parade of vehicles around the football field and track. They’re asking those who wish to participate to not park or stop along the driving route, but you can roll down windows to scream and yell for these student-athletes.

Laramie High School Athletic Director Ron Wagner told KOWB that this idea stemmed from several conversations with the 4A ADs and different things they were doing. For the Laramie celebration, it began with some discussions Wagner had with LHS soccer coaches, Raquel Clark and Anne Moore, about their Senior Night.

“As I and the rest of the high school admin team started talking, we started building this event bigger and bigger and bigger. Finally, I said, let’s just blow the roof off this thing, and let’s have a huge celebration for all these kids, and try to get as many people involved in the community, as possible.”

They are asking the community to head south on Boulder Drive to Turner Drive, the farthest road on the south side of the high school. Take a right and go west to the last school parking lot entrance, back towards the pool area. Once there, turn right and head north towards the stadium.

Once you reach the stadium, you will receive instructions on how to participate and help to celebrate the Senior Class of 2020 in spring sports.

Girls’ track and field will be on the southwest portion of the route, then boys’ track is on the northwest, followed by boys’ soccer on the northeast, and finally girls’ soccer on the southeast side.

Once your vehicle exits the route around the stadium, you will proceed towards the LHS Student Parking lot and then exit to Boulder Drive at the stoplight. If time allows, you can try to circle back around.

Wagner admitted it took patience and several steps to get to this plan.

“At this point, anytime we’re talking about gathering anybody over 10 people, we have to talk to the county health officer, and it has to go to the state. Dr. Yennie (ACSD Superintendent), Mr. Kern (LHS Principal), and myself, we walked through the stadium, and I went through the idea of having Mr. Moore announce all the senior scripts in the stadium and having Mr. Settle talk over the radio, in case people don’t hear it in the stadium, spreading all the kids out on the track and making sure they’re socially distanced, and just making sure it was feasible that people could drive around on the concrete and the inside of the stadium, and it will work great.”

Wagner said after finalizing details last week, they submitted the proposal to the Albany County Health Officer. It was approved on Wednesday morning.

“That’s when I started reaching out to all our media and reaching out to coaches, and parents, and kids. It’s hard playing the waiting game, but everyone’s been so responsive and helpful. The Laramie Fire Department’s bringing a few vehicles. They’re going to be there to celebrate with us, as well.”

Wagner hopes it’s a huge, fun event.

“If everybody can keep their social distancing and keep with the spirit of the event, and not try to do anything crazy, I think it will be a lot of fun tomorrow night.”

Sean Moore has volunteered to announce the Senior Scripts inside the stadium over the public address system, while David Settle will announce those same scripts on the radio.

KOWB (AM 1290) is proud and honored to be part of the celebration. We will begin our coverage at around 5:45 p.m. on Friday presented by "Laramie GM Auto Center, One Low Price, Plain and Simple, Always."

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