Repairs to the Laramie greenbelt path under Snowy Range Road have been finished and the path will be open to the public on Monday, Feb. 5.

The City of Laramie says crews have taken down the signs and barricades to allow users access to the Laramie River Greenbelt trail.

The section of the greenbelt path was closed on Jan. 10 to begin repairs. The construction replaced portions of the concrete pathway that deteriorated over time, as well as adding erosion protection to the area. Scott Hunter, Parks Division Supervisor, said while the repairs didn't address the frequent flooding of that section of the greenbelt path, the Laramie Parks and Recreation is looking at solutions for the future.

Hunter said one possible solution being considered is altering the route of the greenbelt path so it doesn't run under Snowy Range Road, such as having it cross the Laramie River. Hunter said the Parks and Rec Department is looking at funding options for that potential project.

The handrails separating the path from the river, which were damaged due to cold, were also replaced. Keith Wardlaw, Laramie Mosquito Control Supervisor, said the construction was able to move forward ahead of schedule due to the mild weather Laramie has experienced recently.

City staff will continue monitoring water flow and ice buildup, and will close the section of the path again if the conditions cause safety issues.

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