Laramie County Sheriff candidate James Barth has issued a statement on the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on several charges in Wisconsin.

Rittenhouse was charged with homicide, attempted homicide, and recklessly endangering safety. He shot three men, killing two and wounding a third during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020 sparked by alleged police mistreatment of African-Americans.

Rittenhouse argued he was defending himself. Barth on Saturday morning issued the following statement:
 "The jury deliberated carefully and thoroughly and decided that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense and was found not guilty of all charges and was released from custody forthwith. This case was conducted by a legal court with a jury of Americans. Evidence presented was clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.
 The prosecution poorly constructed a case that stated that no one should be able to defend themselves when attacked with deadly force. The prosecution failed and justice was served.
 Citizens across the nation followed this case in support of the defense and their own Second Amendment rights. Many were concerned that, in spite of unquestionable evidence, that fear of mob reprisals would influence the jury. This fear has evidenced itself in other high-profile cases and cities burned and citizens were killed. Thankfully this judge and jury did not cave to the woke mob culture that is pervasive in our legal system.
 We have seen today that justice was served and the justice system avoided placing an otherwise innocent man in prison.
 Let’s never forget that our men in women in Law Enforcement will stand strong to serve and protect, and that our nation’s laws prevailed today and in fact, justice was served."

Don Hollingshead, Brian Kozak, and Boyd Wrede have all said they are running for sheriff of Laramie County next year. Long-time sheriff Danny Glick is not running for re-election after several terms in office.

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