The Laramie City Council will take a look at how it can improve the free landfill day offered to the community during their work session tomorrow night.

The current program, which in the past has been coordinated with the spring time Community Clean-up Day, offers only one “free” day per year for all city and county residents. The city council will discuss implementing a voucher program instead of the free day, to make the event more convenient for residents and also to reduce the impact on the landfill.

The voucher program would address a number of issues involved in the current program, including lost revenue at the landfill, personnel overtime costs and safety hazards due to increased traffic. On the free landfill days offered in the past, the landfill received over 1,000 vehicles. The entrance of the landfill was designed to only handle 300 per day, according to city council documents.

The voucher would also allow more flexibility for residents who may not be able to make it to the landfill on the designated "free" day.  It would allow residents who hold a voucher to dispose of their waste at their convenience over a 12-day period.

The council hopes to have the voucher program in place by next spring. The work session is open to the public and will begin at 6 p.m. Tuesday night.


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