Are you one of those parents that marks days off the calendar, waiting for the day when the kids will go back to school and your days will become just a little less hectic? If so, we've got your back. Here are the best summer activities for kids according to Unicef.

Ride Bikes! Especially if you're supporting a great Laramie business like the Pedal House in Downtown Laramie! Burn off energy, and hopefully, they will go to bed on time when they've worn themselves out enough.

Learn to Make Your Own Ice Cream: This one's perfect for a hot summer day, and can help teach your kids where their favorite treat comes from in the first place.

Backyard Camping: Let your kids set up their tent in a safe place like your backyard. They can stargaze, sleep in a tent, and feel like they're in the wilderness while you still know where they are. When I was a kid, we used to set our tent up on the trampoline for added fun.

Sidewalk Chalk Murals: Set your kids up with some chalk in a safe place and let them get their creativity out! Don't forget to take a picture before the rain (or even snow, this is Wyoming after all) washes it away.

Paint Rocks: This one is fun because you can get the whole town involved! Let your kids pick out some cool rocks and paint them to their heart's content. Then hide them when you're at the park, downtown, or out on errands. It'll bring a smile to the next to find it too!

Check out the rest of the summer activities on Unicef's summer fun page here. 

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