Four juveniles, reported as runaways from the Cathedral Home For Children, have been found.

Officers received a call just after 8:00 on Tuesday March 19th, responding to a report of two male juvenile runaways from the Cathedral Home.  During the investigation it was also found that two female juveniles had runaway from the home as well.

The male runaways were found during the early morning hours of the 20th a Laramie restaurant.  The males said that they had not been with the female runaways.

Later that morning, police began receiving reports of burglarized vehicles and one stolen vehicle in the Laramie area.

On March 21st, Laramie Police were contacted by officials with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, saying that the car stolen from the Laramie area had been recovered, and the two female runaways had been driving.  Further investigation also revealed that items in the car matched the description of stolen property from the Laramie area.

The two juvenile females have been charged by the BIA with possession of stolen property, driving without a valid license and open container. They are in custody in a BIA juvenile facility. Additional charges are pending in Laramie.

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