The University of Wyoming College of Law has postponed the visit of United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch due to COVID-19 concerns.

Gorsuch was originally scheduled to appear on campus from September 16-17, which would fall over the College of Laws 100th anniversary. He is scheduled to come visit the fall of 2021.

Klint Alexander, the dean of the UW College of Law, stated in an article from the university, "We want to be mindful of the health concerns in our community, as well as the health of the justice...We are grateful to Justice Gorsuch for graciously agreeing to postpone his visit to campus."

The structure of the events will remain the same for Gorsuch’s visit in 2021 with a public event in the afternoon and a gala celebration in the evening. More details on those events and tickets will be made available later.

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