LARAMIE -- Did you know four Wyoming basketball players have eclipsed the 2,000-point mark during their careers in Laramie?

Fennis Dembo leads the way with 2,311 between 1985-88. Brandon Ewing netted 2,168 points (2006-09), followed by Justin James 2,061 (2015-19) and Flynn Robinson 2,049 (1963-65). Eric Leckner (1985-88) finished just 62 points shy of the mark.

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How does that compare to the rest of the Mountain West?

Air Force: 2 (Raymond Dudley, 2,178; Otis Jones, 2,003)

Boise State: 0

Colorado State: 0

Fresno State: 1 (Marvelle Harris, 2,031)

Nevada: 2 (Nick Fazekas, 2,464; Deonte Burton, 2,102)

New Mexico: 0

San Diego State: 1 (Brandon Heath, 2,189)

San Jose State: 0

UNLV: 4 (Eddie Owens, 2,221; Sidney Green, 2,073; Stacey Augmon, 2,011; Freddie Banks, 2,007)

Utah State: 4 (Jaycee Carroll, 2,522; Sam Merrill, 2,197; Greg Grant, 2,127; Wayne Estes, 2,001)

As you can see, Wyoming is tied with current league teams, UNLV and Utah State, with four 2,000-point scorers. Two guys listed above have Wyoming ties, too. Carroll, the Aggies all-time leading scorer, is from Evanston. Fazekas's father, Joe Fazekas, played for the Cowboys in 1977.

Coincidentally, those are the only two with more points than Dembo.

When Dembo played in Laramie the league looked much different. Let's see if the four other Western Athletic Conference teams at the time had any 2,000-point scorers:

BYU: 6 (Tyler Haws, 2,720; Jimmer Fredette, 2,599; Danny Ainge, 2,467; Michael Smith, 2,319; Devin Durrant, 2,285; Yoeli Childs, 2,031)

Hawaii: 0

Utah: 3 (Keith Van Horn, 2,542; Billy McGill, 2,321; Josh Grant, 2,000)

UTEP: 2 (Stefon Jackson, 2,456; Randy Culpepper, 2,338)

Ten players in Division-I basketball history have tallied more than 3,000 career points.

There's a Wyoming tie there, too.

South Dakota State's Mike Daum netted 3,067 points during his career in Brookings. Daum's mother, Michele Hoppes, is the second-leading scorer in Cowgirls history with 1,842 points (She was the program's all-time leader when she graduated before Christine Fairless took over the top spot with 1,933 career points). She's No. 1 in rebounds (1,104), double-doubles (50) and field-goal attempts (1,681).

Mitch Daum, Mike's father, played tight end for the Cowboy football team.

It begs the question: Imagine Carroll, Fazekas and Daum playing in brown and gold?

Oh, what could have been.

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