It is now official. WINhealth Partners is no more.
District Judge Thomas Campbell signed an order to Liquidate WINhealth Partners after reviewing the pleadings and conducting a hearing on the matter in District Court in Cheyenne on January 12, 2016.
The court found that legal grounds exist to rule that WINhealth is financially insolvent and to order the liquidation of the Wyoming health insurance carrier. The court ordered Wyoming Insurance Commissioner Tom Glause to continue as the Receiver and to oversee the WINhealth liquidation process.
Under liquidation, Insurance Commissioner Glause will take possession of any WINhealth property, assets, and books and to liquidate the company’s business.
Glause said, “It is very important for this action to be transparent, and to keep the public informed about what is happening in this matter.” The Wyoming Life and Health Guaranty Association has been activated and a fee on insurance companies selling health insurance in Wyoming has been imposed to help with this financial situation. “With the involvement of the Wyoming Life and Health Guaranty Association, our initial focus will be on paying remaining claims of insureds and the medical providers who delivered that care,” said Glause.
The Commissioner has a 90 day period to notify other creditors and to implement a process to pay claims. Any claim, judgment, attachment, or lien against WINhealth can only be made according to the liquidation process ordered by the court. All creditors with claims against WINhealth must file by 5:00 P.M. on January 2, 2017.
Healthcare providers SHOULD NOT use the proof of claims process or forms when submitting claims for healthcare services. Health care providers should continue to submit claims using currently established procedures for processing in the normal course of business and should not submit duplicates of claims previously submitted.

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