The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Education Committee has launched a Webpage dedicated to providing Wyoming residents with a public comment tool related to the Committee’s ongoing study of the governance and administration of public education in Wyoming.

The Webpage provides an outlet for citizens to participate in this undertaking by completing a short survey, as well as the option to submit a public comment to the Committee on this issue. Survey responses and comments should be submitted by Aug. 15 to ensure that they are included in the final report that will be considered by the Committee later this year.

At the conclusion of the 2014 Budget Session, the Legislature’s Management Council directed the Joint Education Committee to review the State’s administration of public education in Wyoming during this year’s interim period. As part of this process, the Joint Education Committee has been utilizing the professional services of Cross & Joftus to identify and frame the necessary steps to develop a more effective allocation of state-level responsibilities supporting the delivery of a high-quality public education system in Wyoming.

In addition to soliciting public comment, Cross & Joftus will be conducting a series of discussions with business and civic stakeholders throughout the state now through mid-August and the results of these discussions will also be included in the final report.

Cross & Joftus will then submit their conclusions to the Committee and brief members on the report’s findings and will provide subsequent recommendations by late November.