The company that makes Jif peanut butter has issued a voluntary recall after the product was linked to several salmonella cases around the country.

You can read the recall announcement, which includes the list of lot codes of peanut butter being recalled, here. According to the federal Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, 14 people in 12 states are believed to have been made sick by the peanut butter.

As of the last report, no known outbreaks had been reported in Wyoming or any surrounding states, but people who have purchased the peanut butter are still being encouraged to not eat the product just to be safe. The peanut butter was distributed nationally, so the fact that no outbreaks are known to have occurred in this part of the country does not mean it is safe to eat.

The contaminated peanut butter was produced at a plant in Lexington, Kentucky. Because peanut butter has a roughly two-year shelf life, people are being told to check for Jif peanut butter they may have on hand as well as any that was purchased recently. According to the CDC :

Most people with Salmonella infection have diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps. Symptoms usually begin six hours to six days after infection and last four to seven days. However, some people do not develop symptoms for several weeks after infection and others experience symptoms for several weeks.

The illness is caused by bacteria.

While it usually isn't fatal, it can occasionally be deadly for the elderly, the very young,  people with other health issues, or those with compromised immune systems. People who fall into one of those categories or who become especially ill may need to see a doctor. It also, albeit rarely, can lead to arterial infections and arthritis.

Food contaminated with salmonella usually tastes and smells normal.

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