A 43-year-old Rock Springs woman is facing felony drug charges after police say they found 11.5 grams of meth and drug paraphernalia in her car.

That's according to a Rock Springs Police Department news release. According to the release, police stopped a blue passenger vehicle on April 8 in the 100 block of Elk Street.

The driver was identified as Holly Strand of Rock Springs. Police say a search of the vehicle following the stop turned up 11.5 grams of methamphetamine as well as drug paraphernalia. Strand was arrested on the following charges, according to the release,

Strand was arrested for Unlawful Manufacture or Delivery of a  Schedule I or II narcotic drug as well as Unlawful Possession of over three grams of a Schedule I, II, or III drug, She also faces traffic charges.

As of Friday afternoon Strand was listed as a current inmate at the Sweetwater County Detention Center

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