The Green River Police Department is warning people not to handle any suspicious packages they may find, and specifically not to bring them to the police station.

That's according to a post on the GRPD Facebook page. It's not clear whether the post was prompted by a specific incident or is a general safety warning.

But it does say some people have brought potentially dangerous packages to police, fire stations or hospitals and discourages that practice.

Police are offering the following guidelines for handling such packages:

Safety Tips:
*Do not handle it or pick it up.
*Do not bring the item to the fire station, police department, or hospital.
*Do call dispatch and report any suspicious activity or packages.
Not every unattended item is necessarily a suspicious item. The distinction depends on the context, the circumstances of discovery, whether or not the contents can be seen without difficulty, and the location where it was found all have a direct bearing on where to draw the line between merely unattended and suspicious.
If you are suspicious, it is best to call it in. Needless to say, as with any suspicious activity. If you See Something, Say Something.

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