When it comes to potentially dangerous wildlife in Wyoming, grizzly bears probably come to mind.

And it seems that every summer, a few Yellowstone tourists are gored by bison, albeit such incidents are usually prompted by people trying to photograph the animals up close or engaging in other high-risk behavior. These are, after all, wild animals and Yellowstone is not a petting zoo, despite what some visitors seem to believe.

Moose attacks on humans are not unheard of either, especially in cases where a cow moose has a calf nearby.

But how about the danger posed by....Bigfoot? We'll let you decide if Sasquatch poses a threat to humans in the Cowboy State.

But just in case, WYDOT District 5 in northwest Wyoming is re-posting a U.S. Forest Service warning sign from California on its Facebook page:

For what it's worth, while most people may associate Bigfoot with the west coast states, sightings of the cryptid in Wyoming are not unheard of.

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