A 34-year-old Colorado woman who as last seen on January 14th has family in both Cheyenne and Laramie.

That's according to a post on the Weld County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. According to the post, Kaysey Yoder walked away from her home in Eaton, Colorado on January 14. She was seen at a liquor store in Ault, Colorado later that night and has not been seen since, according to the post.

Description Of Missing Woman

She is described as being a white woman who stands 5'09 and weighs 110 pounds with hazel eyes and platinum blonde hair. When last seen she was wearing blue jeans, a brown jacket, black knee-high combat style boots, she was carrying a gray, green, and blue athletic backpack that she uses as a purse.

Anyone with information on her is being asked to contact Weld County Sheriff's Office Detective Brandon Stupka at bstupka@weld.gov or call (970) 356-4015.

Devils Tower As Seen From The Mother Ship

If you've see the movie (documentary) Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, then you know what it looked like to see "The Mother Ship" descending down to Devils Tower.

But what did it look like from the Mother Ship's point of view?

We don't have any actual photos from the Mother Ship

So we recreated the scene using Google Earth and one Nasa Photo.

Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods