Deputies with the Weld County Sheriff's Office recently caught up with a feathered fugitive along a pair of country roads.

That's according to a post on the agency's Facebook page.

Perhaps we should explain.

According to the post, it all started with a report of an ''ostrich in the roadway" in Weld County roads 33 and 76. But when they arrived they found out that rather than an ostrich, it was another large bird not normally seen loose in this part of the world--an emu. Depending on which source you believe, emus are either the second or third-largest bird in the world.

In the words of the post

''Needless to say, our ACO’s and patrol got to utilize their “contain and capture” skills and were able to safely hold the emu in a nearby fenced residential yard (with the owner’s permission).
A short while later, a passerby was able to identify the emu’s owner, Andrew Leffler. Mr. Leffler was notified, and he arrived to pick up his emu who he affectionately named, Buddy.''

See The Video Of The Capture

They even posted a video of the capture:

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