Although the 2024 session of the Wyoming Legislature is only one week through a scheduled four-week budget session, quite a few high-profile bills are already dead for this session.

The failed bills are mostly non-budget proposals. Such legislation faces a higher threshold during a budget session, with a two-thirds majority needed for introduction. There is also a time element involved.

The session is slated to wrap on March 8.

"Time is our enemy in a budget session," said House Speaker Sommers. "We prioritize urgent fiscal matters, often leaving little room for other legislative proposals, which is exactly how the Wyoming Constitution intends a budget session to be."

A total of 221 bills were filed just in the Wyoming House, with another 8 Joint Resolutions considered by the body. Sommers says that is the second most ever in a budget session for that body. In the Senate, 132 bills and five Joint Resolutions were filed. That means over 350 bills and 13 Joint Resolutions had to be tackled by lawmakers.

Here Are Some Of The Bills That Didn't Make It

The deadline for introduction of bills was Friday, and a lot of proposals died because they weren't taken up in time.

Among the notable proposals that have already died this session:

-House Joint Resolution 6 and Senate Joint Resolution 4. These resolutions would have called for a Convention of the States Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. The House proposal was not considered for introduction, the Senate measure failed an introduction vote.

Senate File 124. Would have prevented teacher's unions from calling strikes. Failed an introduction vote.

House Bill 132. Would have banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Wyoming Schools. Was not considered for introduction

House Bill 204. Would have decriminalized cannabis. Was not considered for introduction.

House Bill 193. Would have banned sanctuary cities in Wyoming.

House Bill 50. The What Is A Woman Act. Would have mandated separate accommodations for males and females in restrooms and locker rooms, among others. Got a majority vote in favor at 37-24. But that margin fell short of a 2/3 majority needed for introduction during a budget session.

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