Cheyenne Animal Control is reminding folks to inspect and cover their window wells after a kitten got stuck in an optometrist's window well.

According to department supervisor Officer Elizabeth Wagner, Officer Dryden was called to A New Concept Optical & Eyecare at 2528 Dell Range Blvd. on Monday, Aug. 31, after dispatch received a call from a young boy who stated a kitten was screaming from a window well overnight, if not longer.

Dryden found the little ball of fur crying for help under some trash in the window well and took it to the Cheyenne Animal Shelter for help.

Wagner says once at the shelter, the kitten appeared to be in good health and was given lots of food, water, and love.

"This story and many others Animal Control has shared are an excellent reminder to cover your window wells to prevent small critters from falling in and potentially injuring themselves, if not worse," she said.

Wagner encourages anyone with domestic animal-related issues in Laramie County to call Animal Control at 307-637-6206.


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