Some Wyoming lawmakers want a special session of the legislature to be called to try to override several vetoes issued by Governor Mark Gordon.

Initially, House Speaker Albert Sommers and Senate President Ogden Driskill opposed the idea. But Driskill and Sommers did an apparent about-face on Monday, saying they might be willing to hold a session to override a veto of Senate File 54, a bill to give homeowners a property tax break.

Sommers and Driskill said they originally didn't think that bill would give homeowners a break on their property taxes this year. They cited the cost as one factor, estimating it would cost taxpayers $350,000 for an 8-10 day session.

But when they discovered that it would, they issued a memo saying they were considering a special session. At last report they said they were considering the issue, discussing it with Gov. Mark Gordon and legislative leaders.

It's not clear when the special session might be held, but Freedom Caucus Rep. John Bear told Glenn Woods on Tuesday he thinks it might be in May if it does happen.

Some Want Other Vetoes Discussed As Well

While Sommers and Driskill specifically indicated a possible willingness to discuss Senate File 54, the Wyoming Freedom Caucus and others have been calling for a possible veto override vote on several other bills.

They included the following:

HB 125 Repeal Gun-Free Zones

HB 148 Regulation of Abortion

SF 103 Wyoming Prime Act

SF 013 Federal Land Use Plan-legal action authorized

A 2/3 majority would have to approve the rules for the special session allowing those vetoes to be discussed as well.

So what do you think? Should a special session be held? If it is, should only the Homeowner Tax Exemption be discussed, or should the other vetoes also be up for discussion?

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